Malaysia: Post 2020

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small boy: can I have a pack of cigarettes please

old man: yes, but you need RM 250 to pay for it

small boy: umm!! isn’t it only RM 28 per pack?

old man: yes it is now but i’m not gonna sell it to you now, I’ll sell it to you once you’re 18.


horse: wheee… (my back is killing me)

goat: mbeeehkk… (mine too)

Pojey: dude! why are you riding that goat?

Salim: Nah… horses are just too hard to find these days

Pojey: huh?

Salim: well, since the fuel price goes up to RM 88 per liter, all the datuks and datins are swiching to horses nowadays.

horse/goat: whheeeeheee/mbeehhkhekk… (demmmm…)


Ijoi: Tok, this ring was suppose to bring me good fortune…

Old Man: oh! that legendary RM 74 million ring? … it’s actually cursed

Ijoi: cursed?

Old Man: yeah, cursed by 66 million Malaysian… gimme your hand, let me pull you out of the gutter.


Cashier: That would be  80 cents maam.

Lady R: wow! that’s really cheap for a cuppa tea 🙂

Cashier: umm… the drink is complimentary maam, you are only paying for the sugar.


daughter: mommy… why are you giving this smelly wet thing for my birthday

mother: oh honey… it’s because I love you so much, that’s rubber scrap, it worth more than gold you know





Budu oh Budu….

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Be alarmed, this post will… i repeat, WILL… make you hungry!

Me, being a true Malaysian inherits the insatiable hunger for all the unique taste that makes us Malaysian.

My tongue first touches the taste of budu ( yeah, be amazed, wikipedia got info on it :P) in 1999, during varsity days.

Nowadays its easily found in the supermarket, especially Ketereh’s brand, which has now popularized budu to the non believers. believe me when I say that budu has now breached the London market (google it out, i’m not making this up). yeah people… be amazed, be… very amazed.

I am blessed with a rather good taste buds (I am able to tell bits and pieces of the kind of ingredients or spices used in a certain cuisine). I am a bit choosy on what I eat and I despise food stalls or restaurants selling poorly prepared food, either in taste or presentation.

believe me when I say that I have a list of blacklisted tom yam stalls or restaurant. (note: this statement is to strengthen my opinion on what to eat !^_^)

well, enough rambling, lets get back to budu. but… before that, do take some time to enjoy the photo below. hmmm….

sambal budu

With the new age budu packaging shown below, I believe that I would truly be able to turn all you non believers out there 😛 .

I’ve always bought the small pack for 50  cents each (umm.. not really sure about the price of the big one though), each small pack is sufficient for a single serving. enough for me and me missus.. hmmmm… haaaaa…

well, here’s some info fou you guys… Iam truly blessed to have met my wife, If budu are famous in Kelantan, rusip is famous among Sarawakian, my apologies but there are no info on rusip in wikipedia yet but if you googled up the word rusip, you’ll find many Indonesian pages talking about it.

It happens out that the same rusip that i’ve tasted in Sarawak are famous along the Indonesian Palembang’s region too… hmm… yay! new knowledge!

basically, budu and rusip are the same thing, fermented salted anchovies, what differentiates it are… umm… I believe is the aging period (no real knowledge on this, purely logical assumptions). rusip still hold the anchovies shape whilst budu are already in liquid form but if you are budu or belacan or tempoyak or cincalok goers, trust me, you’ll love rusip.

the best way to eat it? …as easy as 1,2,3.

1. hot rice

2.sambal rusip (rusip + chili + lime)

3. pedada fruit (ulam)

that’s it! that will do… trust me!

I first taste it this way and fell in love…ummm… the rice too makes it better, i’m not really sure what rice it is but its abundance in Sarawak (rice grown on dry land).

maybe, as budu has been… rusip too will be properly comerciallised one day. I’m not sure how many among us hope for this but I know I do.



Is Love is what we think it is?

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love is… the ability to have a lengthy conversation of how green a grass is

love is… about being able to smile alone

love is… to giggle at every unfunny joke your partner made

love is… never rational

love is… fun

love is… about the ability to empty your pocket allowance for a birthday gift

love is… about ignoring everything bad about your partner

love is… about being prepared to get emotionally hurt

love is… what makes time moves either too slow or too fast.

love is… about wanting to be together all the time

love is… about struggles

love is… sweet

love is… painful

love is… blinding

love is… what makes us human

love is… just one part of our life

love is… about making sacrifices

love is… no longer just between men and women… umm… chaittt!!!!


Yay!! Raya is Coming!

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Yay! Raya is just around the corner

Yay! PLUS contractors has just now started some road work on the expressway.

Yay! Chicken price is gonna go up again.

Yay! many home owners will have their house broken when they leave it for Raya holidays.

Yay! many of us will max our credit again buying new things that we don’t even need yet.

Yay! many Malaysian will add to the roads accident statistic again.

Yay! many corporation will “sincerely” show off their contribution to some  less fortunate people again.

Yay! enough with all the negativity then… !^_^

Yay! … hmmm…

… but then again my friends, unknowingly we were taught and urged to “look at the glass as half full” thus, if everyone is looking at things as such, we wont get the whole picture then. gotta look at the glass the other way around sometimes.


here, me, now, offering a different point of view once in a while… hope that no one is upset with it. peace.

p/s :- is it too soon to wish selamat hari raya? ummm.. yeah, maybe it is… later then.


Why KL Gangster is such a hit?

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Any of those out there remembers the HK hit gangster’s flick directed by Andrew Lau that hit us in the 90’s?

Titled Young and Dangerous starring Ekin Cheng as Chan Ho Nam and Jordan Chan as Chicken. the movie was so successful that there were another 4 sequels and 1 prequels made after it.

The way I see it, many among us like to be seen as bad, to them it is much cooler, bad ass people seems tougher than the rest of us.

even the people around my life changes after they’ve watched KL Gangster, somehow thanks to the datok producer/director, the movie boost the self confidence in a lot of people here. The guys who then walks while looking at the floor now has been able to look others in the face and guys who is confident enough to look at others’ faces then are now able to walk with their chest up high.

I have no issue if the movie just raised the audience’s self confidence but I have an issue when people start to gang up and shows gangsters attitude towards other.

in HK during the 90’s the movie Young and Dangerous had influenced many teenagers to join the organised crime groups (triads) and crime rate then flourished to an extend that you wished it has not happened.

Fact of thoughts: – from 30 students in a classroom, how many of them are naughty to an extent of trying out bad things. in my life experience, i’d say that the numbers are between 15% to 60% from that number depending whether it’s an urban school, sub-urban or kampung schools.

Now, thanks to that stupid bastard datok producer/director, regrettably, we may see that these numbers will start to rise and imagine of how many classrooms were there and how many schools were there.  the numbers would make any crime lord happy, a lot of prospects delinquents for them to choose to do their bad deeds.

I hope that this stupid datok wisen up and hopefully he wont be blinded by money and did another sequels to KL Gangster.

Psychological Properties: people, especially young people find ways to feel good about themselves by having peer support, be it positive or negative but these days, negative peer support are much more abundance compared to the positive ones. if by being bad ass makes them feel good about themselves, then bad ass they will be. some may wises up as they grow older but some may not.

parents nowadays seem to adopt the ‘its OK’ attitude just to make their life much easier but do not regret when its already too late, to a point that you as a parent no longer have any say in your child’s life. then only to regret that your kids path leads to imprisonment or death.

fuhh!! whoa… that’s some serious thoughts there…

a word to our local movie makers, please read my earlier post about Will They go to Hell? and i believe that one of the categories relates to movie makers producing socially bad influencing movies shown to younger audience.

p/s- aren’t we scared watching the news every night. that’s how bad Malaysian has becomes. in the 90’s its very rare to hear murder cases each day but nowadays, it seems that’s murders and other crimes are becoming more and more commonly heard of.

still cant think of how it has become as such. come on, wisen up… it stated with all the small socially bad influences exposed to the younger generation.

take a deep breath… hold it a while.. then let it go… we all know what we need to do.. but are we willing to do it?


Ever get tired of naming your cat tompok, comel or montel. well, here’s some idea that unleashed your inner (hidden) creativity…

no particular order, choose any that u like…

1. Ayop

2. X1R

3. Garpu

4. Timun

5. Kayu

6. H1N1

7. Nokia

8. ABC




OKAY!!!   that’s it!  lets stop here…


Will they go to hell?

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> he/she who cuts a queue at a supermarket’s cashier ignorantly.

> he/she who double parked blocking others’ cars.

> he/she who sells food stuff at a pasar malam using rotten, damaged or bad ingredients.

> he/she who approved a LPKP bus permit without proper inspection.

> he/she who save the live of a snatch thief who was in an accident after snatching a victim.

> he/she who allows tv shows that is socially corrupting our children’s mind.

> he/she who sells sexy dresses to muslims girls.

> he/she who did not investigate how a person is able to buy a 70 million ringgit ring.

> he/she who eats kuaci during work hours.

*sigh* gotta stop somewhere, if not, its really gonna be a very… very long list.


what is news?

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i believe that it is much easily defined back then, when Voltron was still famous and when Oshin was a big hit family treats.

a report of recent event“. – News definition by Merriam Webster online.

to me, today’s newspaper are looking more and more like an ads pamphlet.

Po: “yo bro! what’s the news?”

Mantis: “umm… Courts Mammoth is having a big raya sale!”

well… get what I mean. ads pamphlet, period.

a few years back, it was more of a tabloid, i have not seen a worthy newspaper in like… ages!

featuring stories of violence, crime, or scandal presented in a sensational manner” -Tabloid definition by Merriam Webster Online.

yay! keyword being ‘sensational’ . truth comes second, sensation is what sells newspapers.

Looking back, way back, when the Straits Settlement was about to become Malaya, newspapers started here with more propagandaic properties… (propagandaic? is there such a word? duhh…nontheless, hope u get what I mean).

”  ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect ” – Propaganda definition, Merriam Webster online.

Thus, with such history, no wonder it’s how Berita Hairan and Utusaen is this days. ( don’t sue me please, I dont have a lot of money !^_^ ). you buy it, you flip a few pages and you felt like throwing it into a garbage bin… luckily, there are still some ads in there that’s worth flipping through…. *sigh*

Well… everybody needs to make living right? as long as it sells, who gives a S right? they gotta do something anyway, in order to stay competitive in light of the online media emergence. its a survival tactic, they’ve survive radio, they’ve endured TV and now they have to outlast the internet. its a tough world out there.

“you are what you read” ever hear this expression before? yeah… I know you did.

POINT: you heard it, not read it.

that’s how tough the newspaper business is these days. not many people read anymore.

Well, as such, news are not simply news these days, open up our mind, open up our hearts… don’t just simply believe what u read, heard or watched, wise up and think thoroughly.

all I can say is… good luck with it.   !^_^  it’s not gonna be easy…

p/s:- oops! used too much ‘these days’ in this post i guess… la lala lala…

“Selamat Berpuasa everyone”


The Envoy Conspiracy

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Warning: What you’re about to read are just a fiction and there’s strictly no truth in it!!

Consider yourself as being warned as you continue reading.


…and the story goes like this.


There was once a mister S, one of the top guns, a pioneer of one of this country’s political parties who have ties with the ruling coalition party and mister S has gone through all the ups and downs, through all falls and glory this great nation has been through.

as days goes  by when all other founders decide to step down and give face to new comers, the younger generation, mister S had some difficulties leaving the throne.

everybody who lacks imagination would be asking why but others with a creative mind would conspired and comes up with conspiracies.

well, for the sake of creative writing, here’s a conspiracy for you.

mister S had problems leaving the throne because there’s unresolved dealings mister S had with some businesses in one of the country in South Asia and since mister S is a politically smart socialist and by being nice to his people, he has a whole lot of supporters which deters opponents from being able to remove him from the throne.

yet, there’s still unrest as the opposer too are still smart people, who also conspired and create conspiracies.

seeing that things are getting out of hand, a mr big guns from the coalition parties had to secretly made an offer that mister S would find hard to refuse.

here’s the offer, why don’t you, mister S move to the South Asian country where your family still lives and we’ll appoint you as one of our business envoy there, you’ll be paid around 20k per month and we’ll pay for your expensive home where you could later retire in. mister S just have to give away his throne to the younger generation and resolve the unrest which makes it a win-win situation. all of this gradually goes into plan, mister S steps down willingly and retire and not long after that came the envoy offer.

and now mister S is living happily ever after, now that’s a fairy tale meets a happy ending Tamil movie 🙂

well, since thats a happy ending, who turns up unhappy then?

answer: the people who were filled up with envy, who wants what mister S is getting but couldn’t get their hands on it…duuhh…grow up!


heheh 🙂 there goes some fiction writing for you…




KUCHING: Schools in Sarawak will receive financial assistance totalling over RM73mil from the Federal Government as soon as possible.

Announcing this yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister said a sum of RM25.68mil would be disbursed to 130 mission schools.

Of this total, an initial grant of RM50,000 would be given to each mission school while the rest of the allocation would be given out later.

“We will hand over the funds to Barisan Nasional representatives in state constituencies where there are mission schools to be distributed to the principals or school boards.

– The Star (31/3/2011)


well! its a blessing that there are elections here in Malaysia. if not, we would all still be living on trees… 🙂

so… be smart, lets push for elections as frequent as possible, maybe once a month.. yay!

… but why “hand over the funds to Barisan Nasional representatives in state constituencies” though, are the people in MOE is too busy updating their Facebook or something?

… duh! … someone had to ask though…