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Who then? may I ask dear sir…


and a seasonal one that is… well, let see… then there was the season of buang baby, later there was snatch thief season and now there is the Nur Amalina season.


A Malaysian is a Malaysian are. We and i stress the word WE… tend to forgive and forget ( maybe not so much on the forgiveness part but the forget part, I am damn well sure of).

and since Malaysian newspaper are more of a tabloid than news worthy, that’s why there are the seasonal sensationalism. sensations are what sells papers. well, that sucks! it should be news that sells papers.

To all the mak chiks and mak choks and brothers and sisters and adeks and abes… grow up, open your eyes well and don’t just go with what the tabloids tells  you. blindly.

Masses would complaint with full disgust on how Nur Amalina dresses / attitude changes are; these massess are the same people  who were stuck in front of the TV whenever Akedemi Fantasia were on, how were the girls dresses in there looks like? umm… well have you guys/gals seen the Malay drama in the TV nowadays, huh! then, why aren’t there anyone complaining on how this girls dress in these shows? or ummm… that stupid entertainment magazines showing girls in a sexy dresses or oh! wait, how about the celebrities dresses when they attended awards shows a few month back? EXTRAVAGANZA…very americana… yee haa!!

oh! nevermind you said. it doesn’t matter because these celebs doesn’t get 17A’s is it?  so its OK to discriminates the smart one and let the stupid one off? HYPOCRITES!!

why condemn one and let others go? where’s the sense in that? be fair.

and oh! not to say that i condone what Nur Amalina is becoming into but I believe that she got an A for Pendidikan Islam, if she understands what she learns rather than just memorizing the notes and the text book, she’ll turn out OK later (I hope) but i pity other youth / artist and whoever whom did not get an A for their Pendidikan Islam because why? well, we’ve seen of what could happen to the one who got an A, just imagine what would happen to those who did not get an A… (as if it is a deciding factor… duhh!)

Tabloids=rubbish=disgust. period.

thus, do not be a walking tabloid; furthermore, do not be a hypocrites.



i have to make this clear. what’s written here are mostly derived from my own opinion and life’s experiences, though the opinion may comes from a known fact but these opinions are a mix of my life’s experience and my frame of reference with what i’ve read or learned.

the things i wrote may quote a certain source as in to explain a particular issue or info but most of it would be of my own rambling to the best of what my mind could rationalize.

many among us have heard the expression Freedom of Speech uttered a gazillion times but like me, many among us does not have the slightest idea of what it really is.

i’m not going to write about its definition nor am i going to explains it in great depth as for that we already have the world wide web. seek it out.

i’m not a scholar to write about what does freedom of speech means but according to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) the rights to freedom of speech means ” the right to hold opinions without interference. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression “. this means that anythings said which is classified as an opinion are protected under the international human rights law. though such rights exist but do note that there are still limitation on what can be said and what’s not. do jump on the world wide web and seek this out as for me to ramble about it here would really take me ages (i guess).

having said this, i know that we all should know how to differentiate facts and opinions, do not believe everything that we read, seek out more info on a subject and by all means, have your own opinion on it as the way i see it, you, me, we all matters thus what we thinks should matters too.

– kataminda.