Be Wary, Be Very Wary….

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

These are my thoughts and who am I? not somebody. more or less just plain everybody who might be anybody and to some are simply nobody.

but then, here’s my thoughts.


“If the kids are united, they will never be divided” – SHAM69

“If the kids were divided, they’ll simply be separated” – I hope it was me but perhaps somebody else has already said it, who knows.


i noticed how Mohamed Morsi government is in a mess right now and thought to myself, could there be an unseen conspiracies there?

remember how he stands up and condemn the Israelis during their last attack on Palestine a few months back? to the Muslims nation, he is respected. here’s a leader who is brave and outspoken. many of us would just stop there. proud.


but, do we think that the one condemned would just stop there when there’s an outspoken Muslim with voice heard by the world and respected by all.

there are always dissatisfaction and don’t we think that  it may be exploited to silenced any out spoken leaders? it could, couldn’t it.


thus, my friends and brothers, be wary.

don’t we think that the same may happens here? to our loved nation. division means destruction.

we may have disparate opinion on a certain matter but then again, be wary, as extremes  may lead to another extreme and at the end corrupts our future.


fight for your rights but be cautious as we do not know when we may be exploited. there are many cunning opportunist out there who are just waiting for any opportunity to suck all our wealth without we even knowing so.


do remember that worst is that we could be living in a famish economy. imagine and oil producing famished country. with standards of living reaching poverty.


this is not a warning, this is not a discouragement. fight for your rights but please, be very wary. use more rational thoughts rather than emotional outbreaks.

“peace no war”





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