Malaysia: Post 2020

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

small boy: can I have a pack of cigarettes please

old man: yes, but you need RM 250 to pay for it

small boy: umm!! isn’t it only RM 28 per pack?

old man: yes it is now but i’m not gonna sell it to you now, I’ll sell it to you once you’re 18.


horse: wheee… (my back is killing me)

goat: mbeeehkk… (mine too)

Pojey: dude! why are you riding that goat?

Salim: Nah… horses are just too hard to find these days

Pojey: huh?

Salim: well, since the fuel price goes up to RM 88 per liter, all the datuks and datins are swiching to horses nowadays.

horse/goat: whheeeeheee/mbeehhkhekk… (demmmm…)


Ijoi: Tok, this ring was suppose to bring me good fortune…

Old Man: oh! that legendary RM 74 million ring? … it’s actually cursed

Ijoi: cursed?

Old Man: yeah, cursed by 66 million Malaysian… gimme your hand, let me pull you out of the gutter.


Cashier: That would be  80 cents maam.

Lady R: wow! that’s really cheap for a cuppa tea 🙂

Cashier: umm… the drink is complimentary maam, you are only paying for the sugar.


daughter: mommy… why are you giving this smelly wet thing for my birthday

mother: oh honey… it’s because I love you so much, that’s rubber scrap, it worth more than gold you know





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