Budu oh Budu….

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Be alarmed, this post will… i repeat, WILL… make you hungry!

Me, being a true Malaysian inherits the insatiable hunger for all the unique taste that makes us Malaysian.

My tongue first touches the taste of budu ( yeah, be amazed, wikipedia got info on it :P) in 1999, during varsity days.

Nowadays its easily found in the supermarket, especially Ketereh’s brand, which has now popularized budu to the non believers. believe me when I say that budu has now breached the London market (google it out, i’m not making this up). yeah people… be amazed, be… very amazed.

I am blessed with a rather good taste buds (I am able to tell bits and pieces of the kind of ingredients or spices used in a certain cuisine). I am a bit choosy on what I eat and I despise food stalls or restaurants selling poorly prepared food, either in taste or presentation.

believe me when I say that I have a list of blacklisted tom yam stalls or restaurant. (note: this statement is to strengthen my opinion on what to eat !^_^)

well, enough rambling, lets get back to budu. but… before that, do take some time to enjoy the photo below. hmmm….

sambal budu

With the new age budu packaging shown below, I believe that I would truly be able to turn all you non believers out there 😛 .

I’ve always bought the small pack for 50  cents each (umm.. not really sure about the price of the big one though), each small pack is sufficient for a single serving. enough for me and me missus.. hmmmm… haaaaa…

well, here’s some info fou you guys… Iam truly blessed to have met my wife, If budu are famous in Kelantan, rusip is famous among Sarawakian, my apologies but there are no info on rusip in wikipedia yet but if you googled up the word rusip, you’ll find many Indonesian pages talking about it.

It happens out that the same rusip that i’ve tasted in Sarawak are famous along the Indonesian Palembang’s region too… hmm… yay! new knowledge!

basically, budu and rusip are the same thing, fermented salted anchovies, what differentiates it are… umm… I believe is the aging period (no real knowledge on this, purely logical assumptions). rusip still hold the anchovies shape whilst budu are already in liquid form but if you are budu or belacan or tempoyak or cincalok goers, trust me, you’ll love rusip.

the best way to eat it? …as easy as 1,2,3.

1. hot rice

2.sambal rusip (rusip + chili + lime)

3. pedada fruit (ulam)

that’s it! that will do… trust me!

I first taste it this way and fell in love…ummm… the rice too makes it better, i’m not really sure what rice it is but its abundance in Sarawak (rice grown on dry land).

maybe, as budu has been… rusip too will be properly comerciallised one day. I’m not sure how many among us hope for this but I know I do.




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