Is Love is what we think it is?

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

love is… the ability to have a lengthy conversation of how green a grass is

love is… about being able to smile alone

love is… to giggle at every unfunny joke your partner made

love is… never rational

love is… fun

love is… about the ability to empty your pocket allowance for a birthday gift

love is… about ignoring everything bad about your partner

love is… about being prepared to get emotionally hurt

love is… what makes time moves either too slow or too fast.

love is… about wanting to be together all the time

love is… about struggles

love is… sweet

love is… painful

love is… blinding

love is… what makes us human

love is… just one part of our life

love is… about making sacrifices

love is… no longer just between men and women… umm… chaittt!!!!



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