Yay!! Raya is Coming!

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yay! Raya is just around the corner

Yay! PLUS contractors has just now started some road work on the expressway.

Yay! Chicken price is gonna go up again.

Yay! many home owners will have their house broken when they leave it for Raya holidays.

Yay! many of us will max our credit again buying new things that we don’t even need yet.

Yay! many Malaysian will add to the roads accident statistic again.

Yay! many corporation will “sincerely” show off their contribution to some  less fortunate people again.

Yay! enough with all the negativity then… !^_^

Yay! … hmmm…

… but then again my friends, unknowingly we were taught and urged to “look at the glass as half full” thus, if everyone is looking at things as such, we wont get the whole picture then. gotta look at the glass the other way around sometimes.


here, me, now, offering a different point of view once in a while… hope that no one is upset with it. peace.

p/s :- is it too soon to wish selamat hari raya? ummm.. yeah, maybe it is… later then.



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