Why KL Gangster is such a hit?

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Any of those out there remembers the HK hit gangster’s flick directed by Andrew Lau that hit us in the 90’s?

Titled Young and Dangerous starring Ekin Cheng as Chan Ho Nam and Jordan Chan as Chicken. the movie was so successful that there were another 4 sequels and 1 prequels made after it.

The way I see it, many among us like to be seen as bad, to them it is much cooler, bad ass people seems tougher than the rest of us.

even the people around my life changes after they’ve watched KL Gangster, somehow thanks to the datok producer/director, the movie boost the self confidence in a lot of people here. The guys who then walks while looking at the floor now has been able to look others in the face and guys who is confident enough to look at others’ faces then are now able to walk with their chest up high.

I have no issue if the movie just raised the audience’s self confidence but I have an issue when people start to gang up and shows gangsters attitude towards other.

in HK during the 90’s the movie Young and Dangerous had influenced many teenagers to join the organised crime groups (triads) and crime rate then flourished to an extend that you wished it has not happened.

Fact of thoughts: – from 30 students in a classroom, how many of them are naughty to an extent of trying out bad things. in my life experience, i’d say that the numbers are between 15% to 60% from that number depending whether it’s an urban school, sub-urban or kampung schools.

Now, thanks to that stupid bastard datok producer/director, regrettably, we may see that these numbers will start to rise and imagine of how many classrooms were there and how many schools were there.  the numbers would make any crime lord happy, a lot of prospects delinquents for them to choose to do their bad deeds.

I hope that this stupid datok wisen up and hopefully he wont be blinded by money and did another sequels to KL Gangster.

Psychological Properties: people, especially young people find ways to feel good about themselves by having peer support, be it positive or negative but these days, negative peer support are much more abundance compared to the positive ones. if by being bad ass makes them feel good about themselves, then bad ass they will be. some may wises up as they grow older but some may not.

parents nowadays seem to adopt the ‘its OK’ attitude just to make their life much easier but do not regret when its already too late, to a point that you as a parent no longer have any say in your child’s life. then only to regret that your kids path leads to imprisonment or death.

fuhh!! whoa… that’s some serious thoughts there…

a word to our local movie makers, please read my earlier post about Will They go to Hell? and i believe that one of the categories relates to movie makers producing socially bad influencing movies shown to younger audience.

p/s- aren’t we scared watching the news every night. that’s how bad Malaysian has becomes. in the 90’s its very rare to hear murder cases each day but nowadays, it seems that’s murders and other crimes are becoming more and more commonly heard of.

still cant think of how it has become as such. come on, wisen up… it stated with all the small socially bad influences exposed to the younger generation.

take a deep breath… hold it a while.. then let it go… we all know what we need to do.. but are we willing to do it?


  1. Adila Qulutt says:

    agreed! my student always said “sialla, puuiiii..”. the role model was Zizan maharaja lawak.

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