Will they go to hell?

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

> he/she who cuts a queue at a supermarket’s cashier ignorantly.

> he/she who double parked blocking others’ cars.

> he/she who sells food stuff at a pasar malam using rotten, damaged or bad ingredients.

> he/she who approved a LPKP bus permit without proper inspection.

> he/she who save the live of a snatch thief who was in an accident after snatching a victim.

> he/she who allows tv shows that is socially corrupting our children’s mind.

> he/she who sells sexy dresses to muslims girls.

> he/she who did not investigate how a person is able to buy a 70 million ringgit ring.

> he/she who eats kuaci during work hours.

*sigh* gotta stop somewhere, if not, its really gonna be a very… very long list.



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