what is news?

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

i believe that it is much easily defined back then, when Voltron was still famous and when Oshin was a big hit family treats.

a report of recent event“. – News definition by Merriam Webster online.

to me, today’s newspaper are looking more and more like an ads pamphlet.

Po: “yo bro! what’s the news?”

Mantis: “umm… Courts Mammoth is having a big raya sale!”

well… get what I mean. ads pamphlet, period.

a few years back, it was more of a tabloid, i have not seen a worthy newspaper in like… ages!

featuring stories of violence, crime, or scandal presented in a sensational manner” -Tabloid definition by Merriam Webster Online.

yay! keyword being ‘sensational’ . truth comes second, sensation is what sells newspapers.

Looking back, way back, when the Straits Settlement was about to become Malaya, newspapers started here with more propagandaic properties… (propagandaic? is there such a word? duhh…nontheless, hope u get what I mean).

”  ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect ” – Propaganda definition, Merriam Webster online.

Thus, with such history, no wonder it’s how Berita Hairan and Utusaen is this days. ( don’t sue me please, I dont have a lot of money !^_^ ). you buy it, you flip a few pages and you felt like throwing it into a garbage bin… luckily, there are still some ads in there that’s worth flipping through…. *sigh*

Well… everybody needs to make living right? as long as it sells, who gives a S right? they gotta do something anyway, in order to stay competitive in light of the online media emergence. its a survival tactic, they’ve survive radio, they’ve endured TV and now they have to outlast the internet. its a tough world out there.

“you are what you read” ever hear this expression before? yeah… I know you did.

POINT: you heard it, not read it.

that’s how tough the newspaper business is these days. not many people read anymore.

Well, as such, news are not simply news these days, open up our mind, open up our hearts… don’t just simply believe what u read, heard or watched, wise up and think thoroughly.

all I can say is… good luck with it.   !^_^  it’s not gonna be easy…

p/s:- oops! used too much ‘these days’ in this post i guess… la lala lala…

“Selamat Berpuasa everyone”



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