The Envoy Conspiracy

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized


Warning: What you’re about to read are just a fiction and there’s strictly no truth in it!!

Consider yourself as being warned as you continue reading.


…and the story goes like this.


There was once a mister S, one of the top guns, a pioneer of one of this country’s political parties who have ties with the ruling coalition party and mister S has gone through all the ups and downs, through all falls and glory this great nation has been through.

as days goes  by when all other founders decide to step down and give face to new comers, the younger generation, mister S had some difficulties leaving the throne.

everybody who lacks imagination would be asking why but others with a creative mind would conspired and comes up with conspiracies.

well, for the sake of creative writing, here’s a conspiracy for you.

mister S had problems leaving the throne because there’s unresolved dealings mister S had with some businesses in one of the country in South Asia and since mister S is a politically smart socialist and by being nice to his people, he has a whole lot of supporters which deters opponents from being able to remove him from the throne.

yet, there’s still unrest as the opposer too are still smart people, who also conspired and create conspiracies.

seeing that things are getting out of hand, a mr big guns from the coalition parties had to secretly made an offer that mister S would find hard to refuse.

here’s the offer, why don’t you, mister S move to the South Asian country where your family still lives and we’ll appoint you as one of our business envoy there, you’ll be paid around 20k per month and we’ll pay for your expensive home where you could later retire in. mister S just have to give away his throne to the younger generation and resolve the unrest which makes it a win-win situation. all of this gradually goes into plan, mister S steps down willingly and retire and not long after that came the envoy offer.

and now mister S is living happily ever after, now that’s a fairy tale meets a happy ending Tamil movie 🙂

well, since thats a happy ending, who turns up unhappy then?

answer: the people who were filled up with envy, who wants what mister S is getting but couldn’t get their hands on it…duuhh…grow up!


heheh 🙂 there goes some fiction writing for you…





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