Paris Hilton Meets Britney Spears

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

as i entered the elevator, i pull out a smoke and hangs it on my lips, a bangla beside me stares for a while and i stared back forcing him to hide his glance to the walls and the floor.

I lit it and blows my hearts out, freeing me of all tense inside. the bangla glance back and forth between the no smoking sign and my face. I lift my face towards him and then again he hides his glance at the wall and the floor.

the elevator stops at the 2nd floor, 3 young malay girls entered, dressing as if they were Britney Spears meets Paris Hilton, speaks annoyingly in broken malay.


yeah I know, these are the product of today’s education system meets uncontrollable media exposure plus “its OK” parenthood approach. yay!

as big brother TV maker would say “then, there was TV, first it was black and later, colour but the picture was pixelate and now, there’s internet TV”… yay!

I know I’m rude but hey!, we’re still malay, most of all, a muslims, we do not show our boobs to the public and what’s with the short skirt and all? is there a whore house somewhere in the mall that I didn’t know about?

what have our world coming to…

If the end is tomorrow, are we ready to meet our Maker?

ask our hearts, as for all we do know, our mind rational-“lies”. period.



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