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The Envoy Conspiracy

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Warning: What you’re about to read are just a fiction and there’s strictly no truth in it!!

Consider yourself as being warned as you continue reading.


…and the story goes like this.


There was once a mister S, one of the top guns, a pioneer of one of this country’s political parties who have ties with the ruling coalition party and mister S has gone through all the ups and downs, through all falls and glory this great nation has been through.

as days goes  by when all other founders decide to step down and give face to new comers, the younger generation, mister S had some difficulties leaving the throne.

everybody who lacks imagination would be asking why but others with a creative mind would conspired and comes up with conspiracies.

well, for the sake of creative writing, here’s a conspiracy for you.

mister S had problems leaving the throne because there’s unresolved dealings mister S had with some businesses in one of the country in South Asia and since mister S is a politically smart socialist and by being nice to his people, he has a whole lot of supporters which deters opponents from being able to remove him from the throne.

yet, there’s still unrest as the opposer too are still smart people, who also conspired and create conspiracies.

seeing that things are getting out of hand, a mr big guns from the coalition parties had to secretly made an offer that mister S would find hard to refuse.

here’s the offer, why don’t you, mister S move to the South Asian country where your family still lives and we’ll appoint you as one of our business envoy there, you’ll be paid around 20k per month and we’ll pay for your expensive home where you could later retire in. mister S just have to give away his throne to the younger generation and resolve the unrest which makes it a win-win situation. all of this gradually goes into plan, mister S steps down willingly and retire and not long after that came the envoy offer.

and now mister S is living happily ever after, now that’s a fairy tale meets a happy ending Tamil movie 🙂

well, since thats a happy ending, who turns up unhappy then?

answer: the people who were filled up with envy, who wants what mister S is getting but couldn’t get their hands on it…duuhh…grow up!


heheh 🙂 there goes some fiction writing for you…





KUCHING: Schools in Sarawak will receive financial assistance totalling over RM73mil from the Federal Government as soon as possible.

Announcing this yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister said a sum of RM25.68mil would be disbursed to 130 mission schools.

Of this total, an initial grant of RM50,000 would be given to each mission school while the rest of the allocation would be given out later.

“We will hand over the funds to Barisan Nasional representatives in state constituencies where there are mission schools to be distributed to the principals or school boards.

– The Star (31/3/2011)


well! its a blessing that there are elections here in Malaysia. if not, we would all still be living on trees… 🙂

so… be smart, lets push for elections as frequent as possible, maybe once a month.. yay!

… but why “hand over the funds to Barisan Nasional representatives in state constituencies” though, are the people in MOE is too busy updating their Facebook or something?

… duh! … someone had to ask though…


…why so serious…?

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“Sex video: Back off or I’ll sue for defamation, says him”





along came an ex-mufti…

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PETALING JAYA: The poco-poco dance should be allowed if it is for health reasons, said  a former Perlis Mufti.

There was no rational reason for the dance to be banned by the Perak Fatwa Committee if it did not involve alcohol or free sex, he wrote in his blog Thursday.

The ex-mufti was responding to Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria‘s recent announcement that the poco-poco dance would be banned, describing it as “haram” to Muslims.

-The Star (31/3/2011)


since when is a muslims woman moving to a music tune in public (or in a crowd) is considered Halal? regardless for whatever reasons there is. can all our gym limit the attendees to just one gender? somebody slap me, i cant stop laughing!

can we start eating pig if it were for health reason? whoa… somebody, slap me please!!

democracy – allows one to suggest and another to oppose but, don’t just oppose idiosyncrasically (donno if such word even exist, but u get what I mean), oppose just for the sake of opposing, even a 12 years old knows that’s stupid.

I hope our Islamic scholars today were scholarised through the holy Quran and Hadith and not some fictional books written by some fictional writers like Salman Rushdie or something.

heh! for health reason! i hope he was joking for all our sake.


go back to our hearts then filters it with our “akal” as this is a prove that when we refer much to our brains, it rational-“lies”, to an extend of being too much…

heheh… health reason, somebody, please slap me ..oh no! wait! …SLAP HIM….!



as i entered the elevator, i pull out a smoke and hangs it on my lips, a bangla beside me stares for a while and i stared back forcing him to hide his glance to the walls and the floor.

I lit it and blows my hearts out, freeing me of all tense inside. the bangla glance back and forth between the no smoking sign and my face. I lift my face towards him and then again he hides his glance at the wall and the floor.

the elevator stops at the 2nd floor, 3 young malay girls entered, dressing as if they were Britney Spears meets Paris Hilton, speaks annoyingly in broken malay.


yeah I know, these are the product of today’s education system meets uncontrollable media exposure plus “its OK” parenthood approach. yay!

as big brother TV maker would say “then, there was TV, first it was black and later, colour but the picture was pixelate and now, there’s internet TV”… yay!

I know I’m rude but hey!, we’re still malay, most of all, a muslims, we do not show our boobs to the public and what’s with the short skirt and all? is there a whore house somewhere in the mall that I didn’t know about?

what have our world coming to…

If the end is tomorrow, are we ready to meet our Maker?

ask our hearts, as for all we do know, our mind rational-“lies”. period.



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pain struck us all the same….

who we are, where we are and what we’re doing is just irrelevant.

differences are just what we think and make do… at the end we all bleed the same…

heartfelt sympathy for what’s happening in Japan. my prayer’s for their safety and well being.