Oblong Burger

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Pictures courtesy of Mudah.my


What is like a burger but not round in shape but still is a burger?

Answer: its the Malaysia’s newly found famed Oblong Burger.

Oblong Burger, in my definition, the word oblong simply means an OBviously LONG object, in this case, an obviously long burger ^_^!

I was first introduced to this Malaysian made oblong shaped burger when I visit MAHA 2010 last December. Didn’t manage to try it though as my eye were blinded by what my tummy said “ayam golek, ayam golek”.

I believe that this oblong burger concept was inspired by the famous McD’s Prosperity Burger. One thing about these streets burger is that the quality of meat used were non comparable with those used by any famous fast foods brands. The fast food burgers were more tender and juicy (yep, said it like many food writers would 😛 ).

Most streets burger brands such as Ramly burger used (in my opinion) the cheap frozen meat from India (maybe) making it more supple compared to burgers made from premium tender beef. The move, in ways, lowered their prices for the street market but still, my gratitude to Ramly as though like many other street  burger brands in the market, they didn’t sacrifice the taste.

Tried one last week, my first, it was OK except for the stalls using cheap chili sauce which really kills the taste, beats me, I’m not going there anymore, the stall’s blacklisted.

That’s the problem with many of our Malaysian businesses; wants to make maximum profit using the cheapest products as if they didn’t understand the quality concept, hey! Guys, people will come back for good products and remember this term well, visa versa. Customers will only be tricked once if your product is not good and worse, words will spread saying negative things about your stall and then that will be the end of it.

Had another one last night, bought it from a different stall of course, much better. I kinda liked it.

Compared to McDs or Burger Kings, street burger stalls are easily accessible, sometimes they’re just a few steps from your house. Convenient is the word.

Well, if you haven’t tried one yet, do so, the burger is the same as the usual burger except its oblong in shape wrapped in hot dogs buns instead of the normal round burger buns. Oh! And like our friendly neighborhood Spiderman like to say, “with bigger burgers, comes bigger price”. Both burgers that I had last night and last week were priced at RM4.00 a piece but to me, it’s worth the price.

p/s – I like my burgers grilled instead of fried. Move aside Colonel Sanders 😛




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