Broga Hill revisited

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

January has been nice to me so far, I’ve got time for a bit of this and a bit of that now, a big relieve really! i had off for Saturday and Sunday for the second consecutive week now and while I was thinking to laze around at home, me missus came up with a different idea.

“Lets go up Broga Hill!” she said, her voice filled with hope and excitement, she loves nature and she loves photography, explains the reason why she’d rather go out and about, anywhere does not seems to matter much, who cares if its a rather cloudy day with a rainy forecast in the evening.

Well, OK i guess, Broga Hill it is, its been a while since we last tire ourselves walking aimlessly in the jungle, hurting our legs, feet and insanely loose our breath. We decide to give it a go…again.

p/s- Baby, don’t get me wrong, i’m not against it but you know, i’m rooting for the laze around activity thus the bit bias atmosphere here 😛

We started the hike at around 4:00 pm yesterday, the day was still clear, not burning hot but rather cloudy, …but not that darkly cloudy, as i said, the day was clear, filled with cool breezes blowing in our face, the day seems like its going to rain but not yet, not at that moment at least.

The hike up starts from  a hilly palm oil plantation road, thanks to the MYR 2.00 charge for the parking, the area is really clean, no wild bushes scattering in the area and no rubbish left in places they should not be, i’m really proud of what my  2 bucks could do. Really! i don’t mind paying at all.

It takes us 35 minutes to reach the first of the 3 hills, it too takes out all the strength in my legs and it took out all the air i have left in my lungs. man, my stamina sucks!

FYI, its been 10 years since i last did any hiking activities and it’s been 6+ years since i last been actively healthy, i mean, in sports and things. my ideal weight is 60kg (or should I say was?) and now i’m 35kg overweight, its been constant in that area for the past 5 years (to my relief, at least it didn’t go up any further).

we’ve been here once last year, somewhere in July (if my mind remembers correctly) and we only got up to the first hill, the second and the third hill seems… at that time, to be really too far out of reach (bear in mind, lack of oxygen does that to you).

…but this time around, we made it a mission to at least reach the second hill, and surprisingly (a bit maybe), it was just another 10 minutes walk from the first hill.

Being on the second hill shows us the view we’ve missed before and what a lost it would be if we decide to just stop at the first hill.

“one wouldn’t know how loosing somethings feels like if one never had it in the first place” – don’t know who quote this but it must be somebody smart i guess.

Thus, the next time we’re here, by hooks or by crooks, we have to at least make it to the second hill for us not to lose the feel that we have this time, the alien scenery that one would not normally find in this region, alas, scenes were framed and shots were taken, and that picture seems more like a place somewhere in Europe rather than Asia.


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