Its the new year…

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m not sure of why am I not so yay! about it anyway, midlife crisis i guess…

Grrr… i’m still too young to be so worried about everything ain’t it?

Last August i move to a new job, a new house, a new working environment…yeah, nothing that would concerns anyone else much i guess… perhaps… but still it changes things, a lot of  things.

*sigh*… i hope i’m not making everybody else not so yay! too.. that’d be bad… my apologies.

I’m out of my comfort zone and till now i’m still adjusting, its been 4 month, i’m still struggling, i had to put my studies on hold, i’m constantly in a feeling that i’m lacking in time everyday, 12 hours working for 6 days a week will do that to you.

hmmph!.. hey! at least i’m back in front of the PC again, at least i manage to gain back this much.

oh! one more thing,

“TM sucks! Streamyx sucks! broadband for the whole country programme sucks! yeah they all sucks real bad” says  someone who has been depending on the unstable celcom broadband for the past 4 month.

yep!  that’s right, i’ve shift houses in august, i’ve submit the streamyx address transfer request by end of  july and i’m under a student package contract but hey, guess everybody knows how our local ISP are, its been 4 month and i’m still waiting for my streamyx transfer.

The latest and only sane answers i’m getting from their customer service were that the are no more available ports (if that were to mean anything, if only P1 coverage are here *sigh*). Allo! Mr TM guys, for heaven’s sake, i’m in Bandar Seri Putra Bangi, not Gunung Tahan! I dont think a 30 million new cable investment is needed to adds connection to this area.

Grr… this really angers me…fuhh… breath in…breath out….

*sigh* see… why am I not so yay! about the new year.

things could be better… it should be better… I really do hope that it will be better.

really truly are tired…



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