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In My Dreams…

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

In my dreams, I could fly and I have flown in several of them but I did not fly like Superman did, I flew in a less grandeur way, very less.

In my dreams, though I like to see it as flying but it is almost the same in all the few dreams that I could remember. I was floating, not too far from the ground and I still follow the road below to move from one place to another.

In my dreams, though I am afloat, I have to flap my palms to get myself moving, though it did but still, since I have to flap, you could imagine of how fast my movement would be. In some dreams, I even have to do the breast stroke swimming to get myself moving forward but weirdly, and irrationally related to the law of physics, my movement was very slow due to the lack of resistance given by air compared to water. Thus, in this dream, I guess I was  moving  at  the speed of 1 m/h (read: meter per hour). Yep! You’ve read it right, meters and not kilometers.

Most of my flying dreams didn’t get me anywhere and later it change the scene to a different story of which every time and most of them, I can’t get myself to remember the storyline except for the flying since it’s the only thing that  kept repeating itself in most of my dreams.

If my memories doesn’t fail me, I have had such dreams since I was in form one, reason being, puberty struck then, wet my pants and I could actually remember the dream’s storyline, I remember flying and then a sudden scene change and I was near a swimming pool (note: I have never seen an actual swimming pool then, only on TVs), a pretty girl was screaming for help as she was drowning, I jump into the pool, pulls her and drag her to the pool side but before we even reach there, she smile and thank me and then… then my friend, the magic happens, in the pool itself. 🙂 no need to get into the details then do we, I let your imagination do the rest hahahaha…


In My dreams, I have been chase by ghost, one particular dream that I could remember of is being chase by Pocong, weirdly, the chase scenes happen in a hospital, in a Grey’s Anatomy like surgery room except there’s a push open door on each end of the room, I was running from one door to another across the room and when I push open the door the ghost is already in from of me, darn it! It scares me and I have to either run left or right or even turns back and odd enough, the chase scenes didn’t move anywhere else except around the surgery room itself, I kept pushing the door open then saw the ghost and then run again, push another door only to see the ghost again and when I end up exhausted, I chanted out the Quranic verses of the Ayatul  Qursi loudly and this came out of my mouth like a mumbling sound and it wakes up my wife which she then woke me up.

Sometimes, when I decide to fight the ghost, I would chant out the Takbir and my wife would clearly hear the Takbir while we were sleeping, she would wake me up and she would ask “which ghost is it this time?”. 🙂 Sorry love, I promise not to watch anymore ghost movies before we go to sleep 😛


In my dreams, I have been chased by snakes. I am afraid of snakes but not in the way that I am afraid of ghost. I am afraid of snakes to the point of hating them, really, really hates them. Hate in the terms of punching its face, kicking its head till it breaks, wound it badly, pour acid on the wounds, burn it and then stabs it with a pitch fork while it was burning. Yep! That much of hate.

Even in real life I cant stand them, their slimy body plus with their slithery movement truly bring chills all over my body. I can’t even watch them on TV.

I was always running whenever I was being chased by snakes and I would always be screaming but my screams won’t come out, I remember screaming to the top of my lungs and the only sound that came out was wowowowowowo… and this of course, would wake up me missus. 🙂 hihihihi… again, sorry love but I can’t help it.

Well, that’s mostly about my dream anyway, the one that I could still remember. There are many other dreams which whenever I woke up, I know that I dreamt something but I just couldn’t remember it, tried some times but still fails so I just let it be and forget about it.

Dreams are suppose to be the playground of a sleeping mind, at least that’s what I believe. I know that many of us out there thinks that there are other significant for a dream such as a warning, signs or a prophecy but that really is up to the person right, everybody have the rights to believe in whatever they want to believe in, right?

So, for me, dreams are just meant to be dreams, nothing more and nothing less.

p/s – …but for me missus, my dreams are not just dreams, they are a nuisance 😛

Peace baby 🙂



Oblong Burger

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What is like a burger but not round in shape but still is a burger?

Answer: its the Malaysia’s newly found famed Oblong Burger.

Oblong Burger, in my definition, the word oblong simply means an OBviously LONG object, in this case, an obviously long burger ^_^!

I was first introduced to this Malaysian made oblong shaped burger when I visit MAHA 2010 last December. Didn’t manage to try it though as my eye were blinded by what my tummy said “ayam golek, ayam golek”.

I believe that this oblong burger concept was inspired by the famous McD’s Prosperity Burger. One thing about these streets burger is that the quality of meat used were non comparable with those used by any famous fast foods brands. The fast food burgers were more tender and juicy (yep, said it like many food writers would 😛 ).

Most streets burger brands such as Ramly burger used (in my opinion) the cheap frozen meat from India (maybe) making it more supple compared to burgers made from premium tender beef. The move, in ways, lowered their prices for the street market but still, my gratitude to Ramly as though like many other street  burger brands in the market, they didn’t sacrifice the taste.

Tried one last week, my first, it was OK except for the stalls using cheap chili sauce which really kills the taste, beats me, I’m not going there anymore, the stall’s blacklisted.

That’s the problem with many of our Malaysian businesses; wants to make maximum profit using the cheapest products as if they didn’t understand the quality concept, hey! Guys, people will come back for good products and remember this term well, visa versa. Customers will only be tricked once if your product is not good and worse, words will spread saying negative things about your stall and then that will be the end of it.

Had another one last night, bought it from a different stall of course, much better. I kinda liked it.

Compared to McDs or Burger Kings, street burger stalls are easily accessible, sometimes they’re just a few steps from your house. Convenient is the word.

Well, if you haven’t tried one yet, do so, the burger is the same as the usual burger except its oblong in shape wrapped in hot dogs buns instead of the normal round burger buns. Oh! And like our friendly neighborhood Spiderman like to say, “with bigger burgers, comes bigger price”. Both burgers that I had last night and last week were priced at RM4.00 a piece but to me, it’s worth the price.

p/s – I like my burgers grilled instead of fried. Move aside Colonel Sanders 😛



Orang minyak oh orang minyak…

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“Reputed sightings of the orang minyak, or events later ascribed to it, have continued with reduced frequency into the 2000s.”

-source: wikipedia

Hey! No wonder, Orang Minyak these days is really having a hard time finding virgins in Malaysia.

Ok then. Not that I really know of the length one Orang Minyak have to go through to get the 21 virgins but I do know that the Malaysian world of 3gp is swamped with young Malaysian girls having sexual intercourse with their mate (and stupidly proud to record it on their mobile phones).

How I know? oh! come on, don’t ask hypocritically, just get your son’s mobile phone and browse through his video gallery. you’ll see what I mean. OK, sorry, its a bit discriminating to just ask you to get your son’s mobile while sparing your daughter, its unjust. be fair.

Are we really OK with this?

Oh nevermind, I believe that someone will one day step up and tell all Malaysian to take care of their kids well, do this and do that in all triumph and TV glory as if he/she is doing their bit to fight this social plague only to find themselves fading the next day.

“Melayu mudah lupa and all other races just dont care”  yep! living our dreams and keeping our 1Malaysia spirit alive.

hypocrites lives among us…

All I know is, care for my own quarters and do the best I can.  period.

when I grow up… I wanna be me

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Why am i not an astronaut?

because someone else is more lucky,

then i must be a doctor?

sorry but for that you’ll need a medical degree,

oh! I know, I’m an architect baby!

nope but dream on cause that’s the closest you’ll be,

then why cant i be in the military?

because your stamina sucks and discipline is not really in thee,

ok then, being a firemen should have been easy?

yep it is but your stamina sucks and you’ll really be sorry,

so, why then I’m not a teacher already?

sorry about that, cause that first class engineering graduate applied first you see…

“when I grow up, I wanna be a garbage collector” proudly my niece said to me. These words may put a shock to many others but not me, it just put a smile on my face.

worry not everyone , because who you wanna be is not who you will be…

screw whatever a motivation speakers would say, its just how it is. period.


Broga Hill revisited

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January has been nice to me so far, I’ve got time for a bit of this and a bit of that now, a big relieve really! i had off for Saturday and Sunday for the second consecutive week now and while I was thinking to laze around at home, me missus came up with a different idea.

“Lets go up Broga Hill!” she said, her voice filled with hope and excitement, she loves nature and she loves photography, explains the reason why she’d rather go out and about, anywhere does not seems to matter much, who cares if its a rather cloudy day with a rainy forecast in the evening.

Well, OK i guess, Broga Hill it is, its been a while since we last tire ourselves walking aimlessly in the jungle, hurting our legs, feet and insanely loose our breath. We decide to give it a go…again.

p/s- Baby, don’t get me wrong, i’m not against it but you know, i’m rooting for the laze around activity thus the bit bias atmosphere here 😛

We started the hike at around 4:00 pm yesterday, the day was still clear, not burning hot but rather cloudy, …but not that darkly cloudy, as i said, the day was clear, filled with cool breezes blowing in our face, the day seems like its going to rain but not yet, not at that moment at least.

The hike up starts from  a hilly palm oil plantation road, thanks to the MYR 2.00 charge for the parking, the area is really clean, no wild bushes scattering in the area and no rubbish left in places they should not be, i’m really proud of what my  2 bucks could do. Really! i don’t mind paying at all.

It takes us 35 minutes to reach the first of the 3 hills, it too takes out all the strength in my legs and it took out all the air i have left in my lungs. man, my stamina sucks!

FYI, its been 10 years since i last did any hiking activities and it’s been 6+ years since i last been actively healthy, i mean, in sports and things. my ideal weight is 60kg (or should I say was?) and now i’m 35kg overweight, its been constant in that area for the past 5 years (to my relief, at least it didn’t go up any further).

we’ve been here once last year, somewhere in July (if my mind remembers correctly) and we only got up to the first hill, the second and the third hill seems… at that time, to be really too far out of reach (bear in mind, lack of oxygen does that to you).

…but this time around, we made it a mission to at least reach the second hill, and surprisingly (a bit maybe), it was just another 10 minutes walk from the first hill.

Being on the second hill shows us the view we’ve missed before and what a lost it would be if we decide to just stop at the first hill.

“one wouldn’t know how loosing somethings feels like if one never had it in the first place” – don’t know who quote this but it must be somebody smart i guess.

Thus, the next time we’re here, by hooks or by crooks, we have to at least make it to the second hill for us not to lose the feel that we have this time, the alien scenery that one would not normally find in this region, alas, scenes were framed and shots were taken, and that picture seems more like a place somewhere in Europe rather than Asia.

Its the new year…

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I’m not sure of why am I not so yay! about it anyway, midlife crisis i guess…

Grrr… i’m still too young to be so worried about everything ain’t it?

Last August i move to a new job, a new house, a new working environment…yeah, nothing that would concerns anyone else much i guess… perhaps… but still it changes things, a lot of  things.

*sigh*… i hope i’m not making everybody else not so yay! too.. that’d be bad… my apologies.

I’m out of my comfort zone and till now i’m still adjusting, its been 4 month, i’m still struggling, i had to put my studies on hold, i’m constantly in a feeling that i’m lacking in time everyday, 12 hours working for 6 days a week will do that to you.

hmmph!.. hey! at least i’m back in front of the PC again, at least i manage to gain back this much.

oh! one more thing,

“TM sucks! Streamyx sucks! broadband for the whole country programme sucks! yeah they all sucks real bad” says  someone who has been depending on the unstable celcom broadband for the past 4 month.

yep!  that’s right, i’ve shift houses in august, i’ve submit the streamyx address transfer request by end of  july and i’m under a student package contract but hey, guess everybody knows how our local ISP are, its been 4 month and i’m still waiting for my streamyx transfer.

The latest and only sane answers i’m getting from their customer service were that the are no more available ports (if that were to mean anything, if only P1 coverage are here *sigh*). Allo! Mr TM guys, for heaven’s sake, i’m in Bandar Seri Putra Bangi, not Gunung Tahan! I dont think a 30 million new cable investment is needed to adds connection to this area.

Grr… this really angers me…fuhh… breath in…breath out….

*sigh* see… why am I not so yay! about the new year.

things could be better… it should be better… I really do hope that it will be better.

really truly are tired…