Posted: May 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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the word KATAMINDA (hmm… or is it just a syllable) is a combination of a verb and a noun, mainly of ‘kata’ which is a Malay word that literally means say and ‘minda’ which i believe many of us would be able to guess, yep! the word mind thus, combines together would means mind’s say (sounded weird though). maybe it is better written as…opinion? hmm… i don’t think that opinion defines it either… and thinking back… mind’s say does explains it well. so okay! mind’s say it is.

mind’s say or is it says the mind? hmmm…

okay! come to think of it, i believe we could agree that ‘kataminda’ is not a word but just a syllable instead. it does not even exist in Malay as in the Malay language it actually is separated into two words, kata and minda.



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